Hotel Management

Currently, our key partners "Innskeeper", offer the capability to estimate your hotel's price recommendation - based on a proprietary algorithm comparing nearby competitor pricing.

Future capabilties will include Room Inventory, Occupancy Rates, and much more!

Grow Your Business With Innskeeper’s Hotel Management

Smart Group provides business management software solutions for businesses nationwide. This Hotel Management Software is designed to help price your hotel competitively. To learn more about our products, contact us today.

What Features Do We Offer?

  • Smart Rate Tool

    Innskeeper’s smart rate tool provides users with daily a daily recommended rate with either 45 days worth of recommendations or 90 from the date of the search. We use real time information from your compset pricing to compare the lowest rate offered via online travel agents. Based on your inputs regarding the hotels location, market factors, and your revenue goals the tool will provide pricing that will allow you to capture the value of the product that you are offering and avoid the pitfalls of competing on rate alone.

  • Your Compset Comparison

    The dynamic compset rate chart provides hotel leadership with the ability to graphically plot how your property and your competitive set has priced within the outlay of your subscription period. This allows users to quickly determine what is happening in your market and to ensure that you’re not leaving revenue on the table from spikes in demand you’re not otherwise aware of.

  • Helping you achieve your goals.

    Even when your occupancy levels are high, and your independent hotel receives high guest reviews, it can still be hard to answer one question: Is my room rate an appropriate reflection of the quality of my hotel? Innskeeper’s Rate Recommendation Tool can help. With rate recommendation forecasts up to 90 days in the future, we can help you achieve the maximum room rate your hotel product can earn.

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