About Us

Software Solutions for Businesses

Offering Excellent Business Management Software Solutions

At Smart Group, we are committed to developing cutting-edge business management software applications to help streamline your standard workflows. We specialize in analyzing and refining your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual work cycles. Business Management Software will help you align your standard accounting practices to your speicfic business needs. We are pleased to offer the standard applications as a subscription service, and can customize any standard modules to align with your business needs! If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today.

Data-Driven Enterprise Solutions

We offer products to manage many businesses just like yours. Be it small startups, medium franchises, or large corporations. We have also worked in the field of government processes, including land management and taxation.

The processes and overlapping patterns, which we have recognized and refined, is what separates us from other software vendors, consultants, and programmers. Our products capitlize on this and allow us to help your business grow in ways you may not even have considered.

Web & Mobile-Friendly Features

Our professionals develop programs using HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery to provide the most advanced user experience. These applications are device independent, making it easier to access because of its compatibility with any device model.

Hosting and Reliability

We host all applications in the Azure Cloud, or internal hosting solutions based on your security and reliability requirements. Trust us to help you decide what makes the most sense for your business needs.

Agile Task Management

With the Microsoft Dev Ops and Agile process templates for workflow management, our team can utilize our Pragmatic Agile approach. This allows us to deliver necessary enhancements immediately and communicate with you in real time.

Data Services

We provide SQL Server or other systems, depending on your business’s requirements. In addition, we can integrate with any other data provider, including API and SOA. Our company understands how important protecting your information and proprietary business processes is. That is why we utilize Microsoft and other third-party tools and techniques to guarantee security on every level.

System Integration

You can count on us to integrate you with your existing data applications in multiple ways. These include retrieval via SOA, API, or other customer interfaces, exposing via SOA, API, or direct access, and exports.

Data Mining and Reporting

Our innovative Smart Framework gives us the ability to drill into your data to assist you with your decision-making process, like no other toolset today. We’ll allow you to get the data you need and export it into Word, Excel, PDF, or printable pages.